5 Benefits Of 360-degree Photos & Videos

For quite some time now, photography has been a very important tool. It has helped us keep memories with us, advertise products, etc. Today, photography technology has gone a notch higher. Some 360-degrees photos and videos are being adopted widely.

What are the 360-degree photos & videos?

In simple terms, the 360-degree technology gives the viewer control of the moment or the picture. The 2d technology only allowed the viewer to see what you intended them to see. For 360 technology, the viewer can move the image left, right, up, down to completely interact with the image as if they were the ones who took it.


These type of technology can be used on YouTube, Facebook, and VR headsets for those who want a closer and more real experience.

5 Benefits of the 360-degree technology to business.

1.Increase competition.

Businesses are slowly adopting this technology. This means that the moment you start investing in 360-degree technology, your business is going to the next level.

There is no way a business using 2D photos or videos will compete with your business. 360-degree technology attracts more viewership than 2D technology.

2.User-friendly and Multi-platform.

Your customers can access your photos and videos through almost all gadgets such as laptops, tablets, etc. Interacting with the images or video is not hard at all-no special features are involved.


Most importantly, your customers can access photos and videos on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and using VR technology. You, therefore, have several ways to send information to your customers. read more


When you use the 360-degree videos and photos, the customers start viewing your business in a different way. They see it as legit or one worth trusting.

Using new technology makes you unique and makes you earn the trust of the customers that you are not an unstable company.

4. Increase dwell time on the website.


Research has it that most viewers get attracted to sites that use 360-degrees photos and videos. The photos and video are not unique but attractive. Your customers will spend time on websites with this form of technology that 2D.

5. Increase google ranking.

Owing to the fact that most customers/viewers are interested in this mode of technology, they most likely will keep viewing your images and videos and referring others to the content. This, in turn, helps your website to rank better on Search engines.The above benefits are some of the reasons you should consider investing in 360-degree technology today.