All at sea

About the Artist

geoff rawling

Born England 1961

Instinctive Artist from Childhood

Began making a living as muralist from age 15 for private businesses and public works

Mostly in East London

Brief stay in West Berlin 1979/80, Muralised The Wall

Emigrated to NYC 1980

Worked and lived in Lower East Side

Primarily painting murals in bars, clubs and restaurants

Moved to Rockaway Beach in 1989

Began to focus more on personal canvas and mixed media works

Elected President of Rockaway Artists Alliance 1996 - served for 15 years

Organization developed Arts Center and widespread programming

Worked as Muralist ,Exhibited Artworks and instructed in Schools, Men's Shelters, Hospitals and Senior Centers all over NYC during this period

Moved to South Bronx in 2012

Now focussing exclusively on Murals and personal Canvasses and Mixed Media Artworks