Barcelona in 2019 what to except

The New Year has started and there are lots of things, which you can expect if you are planning to visit Barcelona this year. However, one of the most important decisions for you would be to find out the best month to travel as there would be a lot going on during the entire year so you have to select your best time of the year.

Given below are some of the major events, which can help you decide whether to visit Barcelona in one month or the other:

Visiting Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2019

It is the biggest mobile show of the world and as the name suggests there is a launch of different mobile phones and gadgets with the exception of Apple participating in the event and the main place is Barcelona for hosting this particular event. Mark your calendar from February 25-28, 2019 if you are planning to attend this particular conference in Barcelona.


However, you would find February 24 interesting as well since there would be press conferences and important announcements. So, if you are seeking this kind of opportunity February would be the month for you to plan a visit to Barcelona. There are different mobile phones, which are going to be launched and you can read all about these online.

Catch some Candies in Sant Medir Festival in 2019

This event is going to be held on March 3rd, 2019 and it would be particularly interesting for the children as there would be candies for the passerby and people would be carrying umbrellas, which can make one wonder why is that so. Well, the answer is quite simple as it would be great for catching the candies from the passerby.

So, grab an umbrella if you plan to participate in the event. There are many other events, which are going to be held in the month of March like The Barcelona Marathon, which is on 10th March. So, you can visit Barcelona in March to be a part of all such events.

Best Times for Various Activities in 2019

If you are planning sightseeing then the month of March especially the very first half would be a great time. Similarly, May, and from mid of September through October would be great for the visit as well. It is because some people would like the peace of mind and would prefer the time when there would be fewer tourists.

There is so much going on in Barcelona throughout the year. You can expect the first week of July until August as the best time for shopping so for those who love shopping so plan a visit during the summer vacation.