Is It Possible To Work Out And Not Lose Weight

Many people who are overweight try to lose weight, but this process involves regular exercise routines and intense workout sessions. It can also be stressful if you gain weight at the time when you wish to lose it.

Unexpected weight gain can be due to the build-up of muscle mass. Just go to website and get to know why Is it possible to work out and not lose weight.

Eating the wrong foods

If you exercise regularly and you are not losing weight the first place that you should look at what you eat. So many people do concentrate on burning off the calories but they do not take their time in eating proper meals. Although the kind of foods which you can eat will majorly depend on metabolism, body type, the best thing is to stick to whole natural foods.


When you are doing rigorous exercises you should eat starchy carbohydrates such as grains, brown rice and potatoes. During the days when you are doing light, exercises try to eat veggies and proteins. Make sure you avoid sugary foods.

Eating too much

In case you are eating the right diet but you are not losing weight then you might be eating a lot of food. Try to eat slowly when you are hungry and avoid overeating.

This is because overeating will mean that your body will produce a lot of calories some of which will be converted to fats. This means that you will lose some fats while others are being produced.

Your body is under a lot of stress


In case you have a healthy balance of recovery time and exercise-related stress, you can lose weight if you have a healthy body. However, if you do not give your body some time so that it can recover, it can start to produce excess cortisol hormone. If your body is exposed to excess cortisol for a long period, it can lead to stubborn fat developing in areas that you do not wish. To lose weight, you should keep your emotional and mental health in touch.