Top 5 Tips For Eco-friendly Travel

When you first hear of eco-friendly traveling, you would probably think of things such as camping or selecting a bike to use when traveling. While this is true, you need to understand that eco-friendly traveling is much broader and involves other small and green activities.

Regardless of what decision you make, provided that you’re more environmentally conscious, you’re in the right lane.

If you like caring about the environment and you love traveling, there’re many and easy greener ways of doing it. Below are some top 5 tips for eco-friendly travel as explained at’s blog

1. Pack lighter

However insignificant this might seem, you need to understand that it has a huge environmental impact. Having a lighter bag means that the car, bus or plane you’ll use will weigh less meaning that there will also be less fuel consumption.

2. Unplug your home

Before leaving your home for a long or short trip, it’s essential to unplug everything in your home. Remember that most of your things won’t be used when you’re away.


Leaving your things plugged in will continue seeping energy and raising your bills. However, unplugging your home saves your electricity and money in general.

3. Eat local

When traveling, buy and consume local foods that are produced in a certain area. This will encourage and grow local businesses. Remember that food is the best way to know and remember a destination.

4. Use public transportation

Although many people with their cars won’t prefer the use of bus or rail to travel, it should be noted that these are greener ways of travel because there will be reduced amount of fuel per person as opposed to each person using his car.

5. Choose eco-hotels


In today’s world, we have many emerging eco-hotels which are a great option to offset all emissions you caused when traveling. These eco-hotels responsibly use electricity, heating, and cooling. They also promote environmental practices such as forest and beach cleanup activities.

In conclusion, these are the top 5 tips for eco-friendly travel.