Travel Tips to Make Your Hong Kong Trip Easier

As you recover from your jet let after your flight to Hong Kong, you will want nothing else but to relax and unwind. But, when you get back to your adventurous self, it’s time to enjoy everything this amazing place has to offer. In order to make your HK stay truly authentic, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Get comfortable at your accommodation

Firstly, you need to get situated. What you want to know about Hong Kong is that it’s made up of two sides—the Island side and the Kowloon side. Each side has its own pros and cons and you can find amazing things to do, see, experience and buy wherever you choose to stay. It’s important to know that you can easily cross to the other side with a ferry, taxi or MTR. But, before you choose your home base, check your itinerary and pick a spot that’s closest to the attractions you want to visit. 

Don’t worry about communication

Most people in Hong Kong speak Mandarin, but English can be heard wherever you turn. There’s a huge population of expats in HK, so if you’re a native English speaker, you will easily find someone to chat with during your visit. 

Hong Kong

Make travelling a breeze

One of the best and easiest ways to travel from A to B in Hong Kong is using their efficient, clean and reliable MTR system. So, if you’re staying for more than 24 hours, it’s smart to invest in an Octopus Card that will save you money, time and effort during your visit. This card functions on prepaid bases and all you need to do is tap in at the entrance and enjoy your quick ride. 

Eat like royalty

One of the best things you can do on any trip you take is enjoying local food and Hong Kong will definitely deliver. Don’t leave without trying dim sum—a traditional Cantonese dish. When you order your portion, you can expect to get a small bamboo steamer filled with different goodies and some tasty tea on the side. This experience is a must-try and you can find it almost anywhere you go in Hong Kong. 

Wet your beak with local drinks

Due to humidity, expect to be parched often and hard, so stay hydrated with some local drinks. Bubble Tea is a must-try, but Hong Kong also has a pretty good beer and wine scene for those who prefer alcohol. If you don’t want to experiment with different drinks, you can always find a good bottle of champagne in Hong Kong and spice up your evenings with something bubbly. If you’re celebrating your birthday, anniversary or a successful business deal, you will definitely need a bottle of champagne. 

Hong Kong

Prep for the weather

Hong Kong is situated in subtropical and humid climate area with often scorching temperatures. Naturally, snow is very rare, but rain is almost guaranteed, so it’s best to expect precipitation during your visit. Pack plenty of water-proof clothing and footwear because when the rain hits, it’s relentless! Don’t go anywhere without a mini umbrella you can throw in your backpack. 

Venture into the wild

While the city center offers a sea of attractions, it’s a smart idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of civilization and explore Hong Kong’s natural riches. Over 70% of HK is covered in greenery (no matter if parks or mountains) so if you have time, escape into the wild. There are fun and relaxing day excursions to the Big Buddha or organized hikes at Dragon’s Back. You’ll still get to see the city skyline, but this time from a totally different perspective. 

Splurge before going home

Shopping opportunities will tempt you wherever you turn and you shouldn’t try too hard to resist them. If you’re looking for some Chinese antiques, visit Wyndham Street, Sheung Wan, and Hollywood Road, but if you’re looking for something trendy, mini malls of Tsim Sha Tsui are the place to be. If you see prices clearly displayed on the items, it means the price is fixed, but if there are no prices, feel free to try out your bargaining skills, just keep it respectful. 


Your visit to Hong Kong will be a wonderful experience, especially when you rely on these tips. Make sure to enjoy everything the city and its surrounding has to offer and just soak up the unique and lively atmosphere—you’ll surely want to come back.