What Is Sustainable Travel And Why It Is So Important

Sustainable travel is when we find ways to sustain long term tourism without hurting the cultural or natural environment. It aims at reducing the adverse effects of tourism in the area it happens while increasing the positive or benefits to the region. According to the “World Tourism Organization,” we should make sure that we secure a future opportunity for tourist. Sustainable tourism takes under critical tree pillars, that is;

• The “environmental pillar:” this one aims at minimizing the negative impacts of traveling on the wildlife and natural environment at general. For example, reducing carbon footprint.
• Social pillar: the pillar includes travelers’ effects on local people as well as communities.
• “Economical pillar”: this involves making the tourism business profitable so that it remains sustainable.

How can you make sustainable travel?

There are different ways that one can consider to engage in sustainable travel. These include;

1. Consider flying less


Take less fight and instead use a bus or a train. However, this will depend on the route you consider taking and the size of the group traveling. If you’re alone, flying might be a better option. Taking a train or a bus, however, helps you to minimize the negative impact of air travel.

2. Consider locally owned accommodations

You should consider promoting local businesses. That will involve booking in hotels that are locally owned. Also, buy stuff from local retailers to improve environmental, economic status.

3. Eat Local cuisine

You want to make sure that you appreciate the local social culture. Therefore, you should consider taking meals from the area cuisine recipe.

4. Choose local entertainment


Make sure you preserve the area culture by participating in local entertainment activities. see it here that you maintain the lifestyle for future tourists.

Importance of sustainable travel

The main reason why we should consider practicing sustainable travel is so that we preserve it for future generations. It keeps tourism alive and with the assurance of its future existence for our grandchildren.Go to this website for more information.