When in Fiji: Activities for All Ages

It’s not easy to look for new traveling destinations. Of course, your new destination should be a composition of visually-stunning nature, fit within your budget, and provide enough activities to keep you busy. That’s exactly why you should visit Fiji. 

For parents with kids 

family vacay

Imagine yourself on a white-sand beach, with a cup of a refreshing beverage, soaking up the sun. You look at your partner, knowing that locals are taking care of your children, and you are free to step into the emerald water. That’s Fiji for you. The 300 islands, coasts, tourist villages and warm locals make Fiji a perfect environment for a family vacation. For tourists, first-in-line experiences are swimming and snorkeling at Coral Coast. But, keep in mind that each place you visit comes with cafes and restaurants, where you can get daycare for your kids for a small amount of money. Then, you can visit waterfalls, hot springs, sand dunes, and even pottery villages. Here, everything can become a tourist attraction, and kids are going to enjoy entering rural huts, seeing traditional Fijian dresses, and posing for photos. Just make sure to connect with local guides and shop owners to make the whole experience smooth. Finally, keep in mind that the Fijian dollar is a weaker currency than the American dollar. So, go crazy with it. 

For grads and backpackers 

Of course, Fiji isn’t just a piece of paradise for family vacations. Even more so, it’s a perfect place for schoolies 2021 or a backpacking adventure. Young people are coming to experience the exotic allure of the ancient, yet vibrant island. And, pottery villages don’t fit that description really well. But, there are tons of beaches and islands to explore, enriched by parties that go on day and night. There are big festivals like Fiji International Jazz and Blues Festival, as well as the World Music Festival. Each combines a fantastic set of musicians with a tropical atmosphere and colorful locale. Aside from numerous festivals, grads get to enjoy Fiji’s stunning nature. Some of the recommended islands to visit are the Yasawas, Ovalau and Lomaviti Group, and Kadau. Wherever you go, you are going to get “Bula” or traditional Fijian greeting that celebrates life. Moreover, you can just get a cold beverage or a cup of Kava and rest easy. The everlasting sky, tranquil water, and sand are going to be a perfect interlude into a bright future that waits ahead.

For seniors 


Finally, Fiji offers something for senior citizens as well. Actually, it provides them with a place where locals are nice, there are a ton of historical and cultural festivals to explore, beaches to visit, and cuisine to try. The secret lies in the very root of Fiji’s society. It consists of several ancestries such as Fijian, Indian, and European. As such, it’s a mixture of wild beauty and British colonial architecture. Also, there are festivals that celebrate local culture. Make sure to check out Diwali, Holi, or Bula festivals. Each of them represents a different aspect of the Fijian culture and religion. So, head over to the market and get the finest produce. Don’t haggle with them, since they believe in sharing. The locals accept everyone that follows their traditions. Then, you can get to really experience Fiji.  And, get a guide. It’s not so expensive and it can make a world of difference when experiencing Fiji. 

Regardless of age, Fiji offers something for everybody. From kids to seniors, everybody gets to experience the magic of a timeless world that waits to be explored. Sure, eventually you’ll have to return home. But, those moments you experience on those white-sand beaches are forever.