Best Autumn Travel Destinations

Fall is an exceptionally dynamic season for travel. It’s the perfect time for exploring all the great outdoors, from the deep forests to the endless hot summers of the Southwest. Everyone has their favorite place for scoping out some of the best autumn travel destinations, but if you like a little tip from those that travel the most, here is a list of the best autumn travel destinations by region. The west coast, central America and northern Mexico are all areas that will have you feeling in the mood to explore the wild and the beautiful, so make sure that your itinerary takes you to some of these places. If you travel to the heart of the country, however, you may find that there aren’t nearly enough amazing fall travel destinations to keep you interested!

Rome, Italy:

This is easily one of the best cities in the world at this time of year. After all, it is the Eternal City, the seat of the greatest and longest-running government in the history of Western civilization, so you can expect to encounter everything from Caesar’s years to the current Italian government under Silvio Berlusconi. It is also the center of some of the finest art museums in the world, so you might even enjoy a little Italian time. Rome is also the perfect fall travel destination recommended for those interested in ancient ruins. Many of the best ruins are situated in and around the city, so you can come to explore them in the months before the tourist season ends.

With so much happening in the country, fall is definitely not the only season when you can enjoy Italy. Travel bloggers have also discovered that Italy is also now possible to take advantage of its summer weather for a number of outdoor activities during the autumn and winter months. For example, you can explore the serene Po River Valley, or attend one of its many festivals, such as the Novellae Festival. Italy’s autumn travel destinations may include Milan, where an ancient city still buzzes with activity; Rome, where you can witness spectacular events like the Eiffel Tower and Piazza del Popolo; and Tuscany, which boasts some stunning churches and town squares.

colosseum rome

South Korea:

The most recent discovery of a huge undiscovered jungle has been in the isolated southern part of Korea. It is called the Korea Peninsula and is now considered one of the richest regions of Asia due to its natural resources, including water, forests, and unique animal life. While the country itself offers some of the best autumn travel destinations in Asia, there are also some outlying islands that offer some beautiful scenery. There are a couple of must-see places here, including the famous Baekdudae and Mount Myeong-do. If you like hiking, you can go to the scenic Jeju Island – one of the best places in Asia to watch the sunset over the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean.

For anyone who loves autumn activities, South Korea is a must-see country during his or her vacation. One can go to the countryside, take a day trip to its famous mooncheon city, go hiking, or just spend time at the numerous manmade lake sites. Fall in South Korea is particularly distinguished by the discovery of Jeju Island. This cluster of islands was largely wiped out during the Second World War, but today it has become a popular holiday destination for westerners, as well as an important staging point for the annual Olympics. Some of the top places to see in South Korea are Injeju, Ulsan, Sokcho, and Bagan.

south korea


If fall is not your peak travel time in the region, don’t be too disappointed. Several fall European travel destinations have emerged in recent years, which offer some amazing landscapes and breathtaking views that travel bloggers have discovered to be absolutely marvelous, such as Paris, France. The best places in autumn to visit in this part of Europe include Portugal’s famed Portuguese enclaves of Cala Jondal and Madeira’s secluded island villages of Porto Di Neiva and Cala Cobile.

paris france


The best destinations in China are generally those that are far from the major urban centers. China is famous for its vast countryside, and even its largest cities are not devoid of interesting fall foliage and spectacular views. In addition to visiting the giant national parks in China, the best places to go shopping in China are its smaller villages along the roadside. It may be difficult to find authentic Chinese culture in these remote rural areas, but there are a number of tour companies that can help to bring back the lost traditions and culture of this part of the world.

village in china


Autumn holidays in America ensure that the foliage colors of the leaves change at the most unexpected times of the year. In Florida, for instance, the height of the seasonal colours can be seen in early October before new year begins. The same goes for the colors of the trees in Massachusetts. Some of the best autumn travel destinations in America include New Orleans, Georgia, Oklahoma City, Chicago, California, and Missouri. This autumn, you’ll be able to experience the height of Americana, with everything from maple syrup to cotton candy and chocolate lollipops available at shops around the country.