Best Places to Go Diving

Diving is a great way of getting fit and in shape. In fact, it may even be better than jogging as it increases your heart rate, aerobic endurance and keeps the body fit. It may not come as a big surprise that many holiday goers, especially those who come to Bali for a relaxing beach holiday, love to go diving in some of the most popular Bali dive spots. There are several spots in Bali that offer great diving experiences. However, there are also other places in Bali that you can go diving where you will get more safety from the elements and less danger in the water. So, what are some of the best places in Bali that you can go diving?


The first place that you should definitely consider when thinking of the best places in Bali to go scuba diving is Jbara and Sanur Island. There are quite a few dive sites here and they offer great diving experiences. The coral that you see in these locations is fresh and is unlike anything else that you will find anywhere. However, there is still danger as you should not take the risk of over-water diving or go into waters that are too deep for your own good. This is especially important with scuba diving as you need to keep your head above water at all times and at any time you feel that you might need to resurface you need to do so immediately.

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Kuta Islands

One of the best Bali dive sites is the Kuta Islands which is situated between the islands of Lembongan and Tioman. This region is known to have some of the best coral in the world as well as some really incredible dive sites. Scuba diving here is recommended for people who are looking for some really unique adventures as well as those who want to explore Bali’s marine life to its fullest.

Lembongan Island

If you want to go diving in Lembongan Island then you will be spoilt for choice as this island offers some of the best diving in Bali. This island is also home to some of the best crystal clear waters in the world. The waters are extremely clear and the nutrient-rich waters attract many species of marine life including schools of fish. There are a couple of dive companies that offer this kind of service and it is advisable that you hire their expertise and services to get the most out of your dive. However, you may also go diving on your own as there are no strict regulations as to how one should go about it.

If you have never scuba-dived before it is advisable that you learn more about traveling and diving before you actually go to a dive site. The best way to learn more about traveling and diving is to join up a travel agency that offers this kind of service. These travel agents will take you to some of the best dive sites around the world. They will also help you to plan a budget that will ensure that you do not overspend on your trip. They will even help to arrange for the visas and other formalities if you are planning to visit one of the restricted countries.

Lembongan Island


On your way to the dive site, you will pass through some coral bays which are home to some of the unique species of marine life. One such bay is situated near the town of Masuba and it is named South Masuba Reef. Here you can learn more about the different species of marine life, including the Great Barrier Reef. If you are interested in diving but you are not sure as to what you will see, then you will be glad to know that the Great Barrier Reef provides you with a great deal of information about marine life.

The Philippines

Diving in the Philippines is a popular tourist attraction and you can actually get a discount if you plan to travel to the country. The best diving locations in the Philippines are found in Baguio City and Puerto Galera. In Baguio City, you can enjoy the best diving spots like the La Playa de las Cucharas and the Marine Walk. Puerto Galera has its share of dive options as well with the dive sites including the Upper Cave, Pinnacle Rock, and the South Point.

The Philippines


Apart from Baguio City, you will also find other dive sites in Boracay and Pampanga. In Pampanga, the best diving spots include the North Gorge, South Paleroy Reef, and the dive sites located near the East Gate. You can also visit other major tourist hot spots in the country like Boracay and Cebu. Diving in the country offers you a chance to learn more about the rich history of the country, its culture, and its heritage.