Best Reasons to Visit Alaska in the Winter

Most people only go to Alaska in the summer, using the convenient cruise packages offered by tour operators. They may travel by bus, train, car, or float down the famous Alaskan waterways in a hot air balloon. However, visiting Alaska in freezing weather is something of a challenge, particularly when there’s ice and snow to contend with.

Visiting Alaska in snowy winter is really something to experience, why not go for it? When it’s cold, there is nothing like standing on the tundra to view the stunning landscapes of Alaska. The vast majority of Alaskans enjoy the pleasant Alaskan winter climate because that is their natural habitat. It’s the middle of winter in Alaska, which means the land is so frozen that everything is so cool and crisp. When you’re on a trip to Alaska, why not embrace this beautiful environment? Below are some of the top reasons why you should visit Alaska in winter:

Alaskan glacier

Visitors get a chance to see a part of Alaska rarely visited by tourists: the icy Alaskan glacier. The Juneau Glacier is a world-famous photo opportunity and a sight not to be missed when you visit Alaska in winter. You can also visit the native village of Ketchikan and the glacier from the air as well as on foot. You’ll get to see the spectacular views of both the glacier and the villages below as well as participate in a glacier trek that travels up the glacier to the top.

alaska in winter


Wildlife abounds in Alaska in all four seasons. While visitors can still see some animals in the summer months, such as birds and whales, they have a very crowded environment in which to view wildlife at any time of year. In the spring and fall, for instance, thousands of pelicans, alpine meadow birds, and other species of birds can be seen in their natural habitat. This is also the season to see salmon fly from the pristine waters of Lake Creek and into the Chuitna River. Whether you hike along with the glaciers or fly over the water, you’ll have a chance to observe some of Alaska’s wildlife in its most natural and pristine state.


If you love to spend time outdoors, you will love what Alaska has to offer you on your trip. Because of its remoteness and spectacular scenery, many people who visit Alaska fall in love with the outdoors and want to spend their time exploring it. From Anchorage to Seward, to South Denali; you’ll have many opportunities to explore the area and soak in the scenery and wildlife.

alaska in winter

Mountains and glaciers

Among the best places to visit Alaska in winter are the mountains and glaciers. Not only do you have the chance to view the amazing Alaskan landscape in all its glory, but you also have the chance to photograph some of Alaska’s wildlife in their natural habitats. Alaska’s wildlife ranges from moose and caribou to coyotes, bears, eagles, and more. In addition to wildlife, you’ll find many beautiful landscapes, including taillights, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and forests.

The remoteness of this state

Another reason why many tour operators put forth an Alaska cruise in the spring and summer is the remoteness of this state. Because the tundra retreats during the cold seasons, traveling in this area can be an extremely rewarding experience. Alaska is also home to some of its most secluded areas. For example, while you’re on an Alaskan cruise in the spring and summer, you may be able to take a trip into one of Alaska’s most remote areas. This will give you a chance to experience the remote and beautiful Alaskan landscape up close.

alaska in winter


If you want to really experience the true spirit of Alaska, there’s no better way than to go on an Alaskan cruise. Alaska travel plans are always changing, so if you haven’t booked an Alaska cruise by now, it’s about time you book yours. The cruise industry is always changing, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the number of islands and locations where you can go on an Alaska cruise. With so many cruise options available to you in such a short period of time, you’ll be sure to find the perfect trip to make your Alaskan fall trip memorable.