Best Thanksgiving Destinations

Thanksgiving destinations have a lot to offer for visitors interested in spending the Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. The hardest part is narrowing down the list to the best ones. While some folks will narrow it down by religious beliefs, others will consider overall vacation options and ease of transportation. Whether your holiday plans are traditional or contemporary, you can’t go wrong when you choose to spend time at one of the best places to go to this Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving is a holiday with deep roots, so it’s no surprise that there are so many possibilities for Thanksgiving destinations. You can celebrate at historic sites like the White House or take a day trip to Washington, D.C. to see the historic National Mall. If you prefer the elegance of an elegant resort weekend break, consider a stay at a top hotel in the region during Thanksgiving week.

Why Not Go To Big City?

There are plenty of Thanksgiving destinations located near major cities as well. If you’re staying close to where the action is, look into several museums and art galleries during your stay. A day trip to New York City will provide you with plenty of opportunities to check out the Big Apple and watch a game read a book or even see a beautiful restaurant. However, if you want to be close to the excitement, then consider the largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles. With an abundance of beaches, museums, and galleries, there is surely something to do on your trip to the West Coast.

When considering Thanksgiving destinations, Southern California might be at the top of your list. With beautiful weather and a plethora of activities on any given day, this place offers something for everyone. Some people prefer the culture and dining opportunities that the area offers, while others look for the beauty that can be found nearby. Take in the gorgeous Pacific Ocean in the winter, or explore the Santa Barbara wine country in the spring. Whether you enjoy the culture or the outdoors, Southern California has something for you during your upcoming trip to this national park.

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What About Other Thanksgiving Destinations?

A trip to Thanksgiving destinations in the northeast will give you the chance to celebrate another one of America’s most popular holidays. While the original turkey is still harvested and cooked on Thanksgiving Day, thanksgiving leftovers have taken place instead. Instead of thanksgiving dinner, travelers enjoy a night filled with dancing, food, and good company. Philadelphia is one of the best places in the U.S. to attend a thanksgiving eat-over, so make plans to check out the exciting events in this city when you get a chance. You will not only see a great Thanksgiving dinner, but also the sights, sounds, and tastes of a historic holiday.

There are plenty of excellent family-friendly activities to participate in while you are in the United States, but the beaches are certainly among the top choices for a holiday vacation. Make sure that your entire family participates in the fun, whether it’s just the two of you or your extended family. The beach is certainly one of the best places for Thanksgiving holiday vacation ideas for families.

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Activities During Thanksgiving?

The best time to plan a family getaway is during the fall or winter. You will find that national parks, zoos, museums, and outdoor activities remain open until late in the spring, so there is no reason to rule out any place that offers you the chance to relax and enjoy your stay. Some outdoor activities can be enjoyed on a Thanksgiving getaway, including camping, canoeing and kayaking, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and more. While you are here, you may also want to try your hand at some of the best thanksgiving vacation ideas for families.

If you like the idea of an outdoor adventure, then you need to check out some of the best thanksgiving vacation ideas for families. In the Southeast, head to the beaches for some fun in the sun. Miles of beautiful beach and water sports await you, so make sure to book reservations ahead of time if you are heading for the beaches during Thanksgiving Day. Many beaches offer free shuttles to and from the beach, so you don’t have to worry about walking for too long.