Big Bear Lake to Host Global Long-Distance Hiking Event Series as HIGHLANDER Expands to the U.S.

International hiking adventure company offers distinctive, a multi-day festival to America

Big Bear LAKE, Calif. — A popular destination in the California Gold Rush will now be a real gold mine, a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts who are willing to test their physical limits and live in perfect harmony with nature for several days.

Big Bear Lake which is the jewel of San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California, will serve as the first U.S. location for the world-renowned HIGHLANDER event series from Sept. 27 to Oct. 2, 2022, when HIGHLANDER Adventure expands to America.

HIGHLANDER Big Bear Lake Hiking will have three different types of hikes Highlander (60 miles) 5-day adventure; HIGHLANDER (30 miles) for a three-day adventure and HIGHLANDER (15 miles) for a weekend trip.

Big Bear Lake to Host Global Long-Distance Hiking Event Series as HIGHLANDER Expands to the U.S.

HIGHLANDER is truly a unique experience. Through the HIGHLANDER hiking trip, each participant connects with nature and starts to look at life from a new perspective. The trails will test participants, but they’ll overcome it, creating new friendships and using all five senses along the trail. Since HIGHLANDER isn’t a race, and there are no winners or losers, participants — even perfect strangers — cheer one another on.

HIGHLANDER was created in Croatia in 2017 when friends Jurica Barac, Igor Mlinarevic, and Andrej Mlinarevic decided to share their love and passion for long-distance hiking. It has since expanded to become a worldwide series of 15 countries such as Austria, France, Greece, Morocco, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates.

“Our goal is to encourage individuals to take on a hike and to change their lives to be healthier in physical and mental health according to HIGHLANDER Adventure’s CEO and co-founder Jurica Barac. This is the reason we are delighted and proud to announce that HIGHLANDER is finally bringing its brand to the American ground. America is a country of immense natural beauty and people who want a new way of life. This is the reason we believe that the long-distance hiking HIGHLANDER will be a major hit.”

“HIGHLANDER is a long-distance hike that is accessible to all who want to test their limits while learning about sustainable living,” Barac added. “For the first time, HIGHLANDER will be held in America. HIGHLANDER event will be held in America located within Big Bear Lake, California which exudes adventure and beautiful scenery. Therefore, I would like to invite you to join us beginning on the 27th of September to take a step forward with us.

“Thanks to our global strategic partner Spartan Race, Visit Big Bear along with the HIGHLANDER crew that have worked on the project for months to bring our “Adventure of a Lifetime” to America. See you on the trails!’

In 2021 Spartan is the globe’s most popular endurance sports and wellness brand, recognizing HIGHLANDER’s potential to be a key partner, making it possible to bring this unique, long-distance adventure hiking event to the U.S.

The mission, vision, and values of these two brands share the same core: building mental and physical strength to effect positive lifestyle changes.

“Spartan’s collaboration with HIGHLANDER allows us to encourage even more people around the world to participate in physical activities they think are beyond their ability,” said Spartan Race chief executive officer and founder Joe De Sena. “This is about identifying our limits, and then pushing past them.”

Every HIGHLANDER event has its own unique venue such as vast deserts to snowy mountain tops and from sand dunes to pastures and lakes — appealing to modern-day nomadic travelers.

The participants are asked to turn off their mobile phones and get lost in nature while joining the international HIGHLANDER group of hikers.

“The HIGHLANDER approach strikes the perfect balance between guided trekking and self-sufficient expedition,” said Peter Watson, acclaimed travel writer photographer, author as well as HIGHLANDER ambassador. “With numerous logistics taken care of, I can experience all the freedom that comes with walking on my own with the added bonus of being lighter and not worrying about meals, gas supply, route planning, or searching for suitable campsites every day. Instead, I concentrate on the route ahead and take in the beautiful scenery.”

“HIGHLANDER will also provide a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals and make friends while on the trail,” Watson added. “Even even though I’m a solo hiker, fellow hikers are always within reach and always happy to pause for a chat. In the evenings, there’s a lot of socializing with hikers sharing their stories around the campfire. I’ve stayed in touch with many people I encountered on the trail, and we’re planning more HIGHLANDER treks.”

Early day registration for HIGHLANDER Big Bear Lake is open, however, space is limited. Learn more at:

Established in 2017 in Croatia, HIGHLANDER is an international hiking series in 15 countries. The multi-day, non-competitive hikes explore several of the world’s most breathtaking and famous mountains in the world. As an organization, HIGHLANDER stands for nature preservation and education on respecting the environment and living a healthy lifestyle.