How to Prepare for Hiking

Simply, outdoor sports like hiking or camping are physical activities. And for an outdoor activity to be good, any activity requires some stretching before you start. Few short minutes of morning walk before hiking will surely save your whole vacation and prevent you from foot pain. In short, exercise before hiking even to the mountains can only warm up your toes, ankles, and calves’ muscles.

So how to know that you’re ready for a good hiking trip?

Well, before anything else, know your fitness level first. A hiker is not supposed to look down on those who choose to hike, the trails are meant for those who enjoy it, not for those who are working out their body. Hikers and campers alike know that walking long and rough trails need a lot of stamina, endurance, and mental toughness. Hiking is not an easy sport. It needs a lot of commitment and proper training before you can reach the top.

Do some warm-up first

A good way to start off your hiking adventure is to jog before your hike. Jogging is a good warm-up activity that will condition your leg and cardiovascular systems. It increases your stamina, lowers your heart rate, makes your lungs more efficient, increases your lung capacity, and strengthens your legs and calves. Jogging also helps in reducing stress and tension in your body. So, if you want to achieve your fitness goal of long-distance hiking, jog before you leave home to prepare yourself mentally and physically.


It’s OK to walk and jog

For long-distance hiking, there are two basic steps you need to follow: walking and jogging. You should have a checklist of the required hiking and jogging stretches you need to do before each step. For example, if you are going to hike up a hill, you need to stretch your legs and buttocks properly before starting your hike. Start by walking slowly and then increase your speed as you go up the hill. Similarly, for long-distance jogs, you should stretch your legs and buttocks as much as possible before starting your run.

Get to know the terrain

If you are planning to hike through many high elevations and can handle walking for long distances, then a nice alternative would be trail running. Trail running is a very effective technique to lose weight. It burns a lot more calories than walking, meaning that trail running is a great alternative for those who hate to walk long distances. For trail running, you need to know which high elevations or terrains you’re going to traverse. The more you know about the place you plan to hike, the better prepared you’ll be.

man hiking

Prepare your backpack

If you plan to go backpacking, you know that backpacking is all about having a smart pack, good clothing, and practical equipment. It’s very important to know which kind of equipment and clothing to bring before you go on your trip. Before you go out into the wild, it’s wise to be equipped with the proper knowledge of what kind of gear you need to take. Take a few moments to think about the following:

Final tips

It is a smart idea to test your hiker’s knowledge about footwear by asking questions such as “How do I walk with the trails?” or “How do I fit a bigger pair of shoes into this small valley?”. Also, it would be wise to know your calves’ size, width, and shape while you’re in the trails so you will be ready if you have to carry anything for long periods of time.

If you’re prone to altitude sickness, it is advisable to know how to deal with it before you head out on your backpacking trip. One way to deal with altitude sickness is to take Vitamin C tablets. In addition, taking alcohol before you go on your hike can also worsen the effects of altitude sickness. If you know that you are prone to altitude sickness, learn more about the other ways to cope with it.