Most Unusual Travel Destinations in the World

There are many different types of trips you can take and travel destinations to visit. However, for some people, the regular touristy places can be very boring and unimaginative. For that reason, we give you something different and new reasons to travel. Here is our list of the most unusual travel destinations in the world to visit in 2021.

Bath and Wells, the UK

One of the most unusual vacation destinations you can travel to is the sleepy town of Bath and Wells in the United Kingdom. This old town is located in the Pennine Mountains. It is actually one of the most beautiful places to see. Many tourists come here to take in the incredible views of the countryside. They will love the medieval architecture and the great architecture throughout this area.

bath uk

Beijing, China

Another unusual vacation destination in the world includes the capital city of China, Beijing. Vacationers from all around the world come to experience the beautiful and historic city of Beijing. The impressive landmarks, the beautiful scenery, the Chinese influence, and all the history that is steeped in Chinese culture will certainly lead any visitor to fall in love with this amazing place.

beijing china


One of the most unusual vacation destinations you can travel to in the Far East is Mongolia. Mongolia is known as the “Land of the Golden Bears” because of all the magnificent mountains that are found in the country. You will enjoy the vast variety of natural wildlife when you visit the spectacular country of Mongolia.

Travelers to Mongolia will also enjoy their historic cities, their culture, and the unique food they prepare. Many tourists love to eat traditional dishes made in the former UPA when they visit the country of Ukraine. The wintertime in Mongolia is very cold, but during summer it tends to be hot and humid. Tourists love going to the Mongolia capital city of Ulaanbaatar where they can enjoy a comfortable stay in a traditional house.



Bulgaria is another one of the most unique vacation destinations around the globe. Bulgaria has some of the most amazing places to see including the Town of Pirin, the Black Sea coast, the Greek seaboard, and the beautiful towns along the Black sea. Tourists have a wide range of things to do in each of these places. Some of the most popular activities include visiting the coastal area of Pirin, walking through the ancient village of Dobrinishte, or visiting the coastal town of Burgas. There are also some cool and awesome places to go in the historical area of Prahova, where tourists can see remains from the Neolithic age.

angkor wat cambodia

Angkor, Cambodia

One other interesting, unusual vacation destination is the town of Angkor in Cambodia. Located on the east coast of Cambodia, Angkor is an ancient lost city that is famous for its numerous temples and for being the largest UNESCO World Heritage site in Asia. When in Angkor, tourists can hike through the incredible landscape that is dominated by man-made Angkorian monuments such as the massive Wat Thommanon, the two Royal ruins of Phnom Phen town, and the two smaller but equally impressive Wat Ka Tong UNESCO World Heritage sites. The town is also the venue for a number of unusual festivals such as the Elephant Festival, the largest elephant festival in Asia, the Gia Sud Event, and the New Year celebrations. In addition, tourists can enjoy some delicious Siem Reap cuisine while visiting Angkor.