Types of Kennels for Taking Your Dog on a Trip

It is nice to take your dog on vacation with you but it can also be a little bit of a challenge when it comes to packing your pup properly. The advantages and disadvantages of using these portable dog crates that we will discuss here should be very helpful to you. First of all, they are very convenient and practical to use for any trip you might take your pooch on. They are very lightweight so you will not have any problems bringing them around with you on any type of vehicle. However, the biggest drawback is the fact that they do not provide much protection for your pup when they are exposed to weather elements like rain, strong winds, or even heavy snow. This can end up being more of a hassle than a benefit.

Tighter-weave style

One type of crate that is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners is the tighter-weave style. These are pretty convenient because they are very easy to take apart, but they offer some benefits that you may not find in other types of crates. The first major advantage is that they are very durable and sturdy. When comparing these to the traditional wire mesh designs, it appears as though the tight-weave style is more durable because it has thicker outer material and it is tough to tear.

The second major benefit is that the kennels typically fold up into a compact form that can be put under the front seat of the car. If you prefer a more permanent placement, you can get one of these kennels that also folds up into a smaller design that will go inside your vehicle. This means that you will not have to worry about taking your pup out every day because they will have their own place to sleep and relax. If you do not mind having a small amount of outside space available, this is certainly the way to go.

The final major benefit is the fact that the tight-weave mesh offers a higher level of security than most other types of fencing. Because they are made up of a tightly woven design, they offer excellent protection from theft. This includes theft from your car, your home, and even if you leave them attached to your car keys! That is probably not something you want to think about when leaving your pup in the car! They are also very easy to secure because they attach securely to both the door top load and the gate. There is no need to worry about the pup getting out and running around the road!

dog in kennel

Collapsible kennel

If you would like to see what a collapsible kennel looks like, there is actually a nice color to pick from. The black finish is quite popular and readily available. You can easily purchase them in numerous sizes and shapes. Many of these are available in a single door design as well, but there are several that have a double door with a secure mesh top for additional security.

Some of these come with a foldable top so they can be stored out of the way when not in use. However, one thing you do want to look for is whether or not the design has a folding lid. While the design is excellent for providing an insulating barrier, it can never be considered a substitute for a properly functioning front door. This flap must have a secure latch and cannot be compromised by an unruly pup.

Some of these cages are portable and some are not. If you want a mobile unit, make sure you purchase one that can be folded up for storage. These units often have wheels and are made of sturdy steel frames. They will fold up into a neat, compact package which is helpful if you travel frequently. On the other hand, if you plan to leave your pet in the portable dog cage for longer periods of time, it is recommended that you purchase a soft crate that folds up neatly.

Soft-sided crates come in many different sizes and can be used as a divider or as a sleeping area. A divider that functions as a sleeping area is also nice for potty training puppies. Most of these are made of durable nylon fabric which is easy to clean and disinfect. Make sure that the divider has a strong framework and that the folds are wide enough that your dog can comfortably get into and out.