Why You Must Visit Gozo, Malta

There are so many reasons to visit Malta, see why the island has been ranked top 10 in the travel market. For such a tiny island in the Mediterranean, Malta certainly packs some punches. Its natural beauty is best seen in its sparkling turquoise water and scattered coves which are dotted all over the island, and also it has been home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites. The island has so much to offer to any kind of traveler who is looking for an exotic destination. Here are the top ten things to do while you are on holiday in Malta.

Gozo is a small island located on the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful island has been shaped like a horseshoe with three pointed ends. Its long coastline is surrounded by azure blue waters and volcanic craters. The magnificent cliffs and seascapes attract thousands of tourists every year to Malta and Gozo and it is for this reason that the Gozo holidays offer some of the best opportunities for cheap holidays to this small Italian Island.


Idyllic climate

Enjoy a Gozo holiday and go back home, having had a great time. The idyllic climate of Gozo makes it a very popular destination for visitors from all over the world who want to get away from it all and relax for a couple of days. Gozo is Malta’s second most populated destination after Malta, with over three million inhabitants. With its peaceful beaches and surrounding lagoons, it is just perfect for a relaxing holiday. If you are interested in history and culture, then you can visit museums and monuments in the capital of Malta, or you can also opt to go back to ancient times by taking a trip to the Malta temples.

Variety of beaches

Visit Gozo and enjoy a variety of beaches in Malta. Comino, Costa d en Blanc, Fennosc, Ferries, Catarina, Little Venice, North Gozo, South Gozo, and Tema are some of the most famous beaches in Malta. These islands provide tourists with a lot of opportunities to soak in some sun, have fun, and have a romantic vacation. You can also visit Tema, where you can feast your eyes on the star-studded night sky. Other popular beaches include Bequia, Callebaut, Figueretas, Grand Bay, Sintra, and Tarifit.


Best shops

Gozo has some of the best places to shop in Malta. There are a number of traditional Maltese markets that bring a large number of local and foreign visitors together to buy locally produced crafts. You can visit Maltese antique shops that sell some of the oldest and most elegant pieces of art in Malta. Some of the most famous crafts in Malta include glassware, woodwork, ceramic pottery, silverware, metalwork, leather goods, clothing, and many more. If you are looking for souvenirs, the best places to find them in Gozo are Tema, Catalim, Agadez, Ondus, Alba, and Meningale.

Luxury villas

The Gozo Grand Master’s villas offer luxurious accommodation in relaxed surroundings. These villas are serviced with two swimming pools and a sunbed that guarantees a delightful stay during your Gozo trip. Other amenities include a conference room, a spa, a library, a restaurant, and a guest house. The Gozo hotels are also some of the best hotels in Malta that offer a range of facilities that make your Gozo holiday special. Some of the best hotels in Malta that are also good value are the El Cheik lodge, The Lemon Tree, Hotel Le Morne, and Comfort Hotel.



You may think that a trip to Malta would be incomplete without visiting the historical place of Rabat. The former city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Malta’s most important tourist attractions. It has a number of museums, galleries, and monuments and you can take a drive down to the town from any direction. At the end of the day, you will find some of the best bars and restaurants in Rabat as well as some fabulous seafood restaurants and an international airport.

Comino Island

Comino Island is Malta’s second-largest town and is a good place to start a trip to the north. Here you can explore the underwater ecosystem and enjoy the pristine waters of the Caribbean. There are some great snorkeling spots here as well as lots of other water sports activities to enjoy. If you like a bit of shopping before you head back to Maltese shores you will find some of the best places to buy souvenirs in Comino. The shops are situated on the beaches and offer local products and famous Maltese items at very good prices.